Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March Madness

No, it has nothing to do with basketball or sports. My March Madness is the One Book Arizona schedule with 3 interviews, 1 book signing, and 9 talks--so far. March has been a crazy month. But what fun it is, what a huge honor. I am the one who is so pleased, but when I walk into a library or a museum people announce that the One Book Author is here, and I realize that it is me. Wow! I get to meet delightful and interesting people, visit with some old quilting friends--and spend an hour talking about my writing--I should be the one paying them.

There was a delightful interview on Sun Sounds for NPR Radio, and Alberto Rios, a former One Book Arizona winner (Capirotada) interviewed me for KAET's Books & Company for Phoenix's public television station. I also spoke at the Tucson Festival of Books.

Every talk and every venue has been so different, and I am looking forward to April with more travel to Phoenix, Prescott, Flagstaff, and the Hopi Mesas. Exhausting, but a small price to keep sharing the wonderful story of the friendship between Ethel and Maud.

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